About The Company

Forget the hassle of booking a cab and yet be in the anxiety of reaching the destination safely. It is not unknown to anyone that despite GPS and tracking system the modern cabs, be it other are unsafe not only for the customers but also for the drivers.

Rychle Translwheels brings the security for both the customer and driver while they are with us.

This is possible because Rychle Translewheels is a sister concern of SIGVTS Corporation. This corporation is one of the leading modern security solution providers at extremely affordable price to anyone throughout India and globally. With already having the knowledge in security, tracking and GPS navigation system SIGVTS joins with Rychle Translwheels to bring in all transportation vehicle solution in one platform for its customers all across India. Rychle Transwheels brings in a unique cab service that will benefit both the customer and driver while ensuring their security.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To build a travel agency business that provides all kinds of transportation service with customer’s comfort and security in the forefront

Mission: Provide a secured transparent safe personalized transportation system for customers, drivers and owners

Why Us

  • We keep our transportation system friendly for customers, drivers and owners
  • Enhanced security system for both customer and driver unlike any in the market.

Our Special Security System

  • Use of the unique Geofence system
  • Unique On Call Block of Car feature
  • 2 OTP system – at start and at finish of the ride

Additional Features

  • No brokerage charges for the driver
  • Drivers and/or owners have to pay Rs.599 only per month
  • Customers does not have to wait for the driver to finish another trip
  • 24/7 Helpline for both customer and driver
  • Customer can choose the car

Special Features of Rychle Transwheels


  • Radius for the car to travel can be fixed
  • Owner will receive a signal if the car is taken outside the fixed radius
  • Outside the fixed radius when the car reached a speed between 0- 15km/hr. the signal will be send
  • Owner or Rychle Transwheel in such case can jam the ignition of the car

On Call Block Car

  • The ignition of the car will be jammed
  • Customer or driver can call the helpline to complain about the car taking a different route
  • Safety for both customer and driver ensured

2-OTP – Start & Stop

  • Customer will receive 2 OTPs
  • One for the start and another for the end of the ride
  • Only customer can end the ride by sharing the end ride OTP
  • Unless the end ride OTP is entered by the driver the ride continues
  • This ensures the customer reaches the destination safely

Benefits for the driver

  • Drivers will not be piled with bookings
  • Will receive booking order only after finishing the current trip
  • Driver can see both Source and Destination Location before the pick-up
  • Driver can determine the trip charge unlike Ola and Uber
  • Driver will not be charged any cancellation fee
  • No brokerage will be levied to the driver
  • Driver will get paid directly and instantly either in cash or e-wallets
  • Driver has the safety of Geofence
  • In case the car is stolen and leaves a fixed radius Rychle Transwheel can be notified because of the Geofence

Benefits for the Investor/Owner

  • No brokerage charges
  • Payment of a nominal amount has to be made per month
  • Owner/ investor can fix the radius for the car’s travel region
  • Owner/Investor can track the car
  • Vehicle is secure with Geofence
  • In case the car leaves the fixed radius a signal will be send to the owner/investor once the car reaches anywhere between 0-15 kms. /hr.

Benefits for the customer

  • Customer can determine the vehicle that one wants to avail
  • Charts with different rates of different vehicles will be provided prior to the journey.
  • Customer will receive full details of the driver and the agency, i.e. name, phone number and address
  • Customer can share these along with the ride details
  • 24/7 Helpline for the customer is available unlike other cab
  • On Call Block of Car feature to ensure customer’s safety
  • No Cancellation charges
  • Only drivers with no current trip can take a booking
  • Customers will receive 2 OTPs to ensure the customer reaches the destination safely.

Clients Speak

In my business a timely delivery some time is the only thinking that stand between me and my cometition, by viewing my truck’s activity through out the day, I have been able to almost completely
eliminate speeding and drive inactivity on company time. I have also been able to view the drivers
history when a customer is on the phone wanting ETA, I can immediately jump to SIGVTS website and
give the information within seconds. I also feel SIGVTS has one of the best customer service/tech
support. I know they are a company that I can trust.

Mr. R P Singh

Transport Owner/Gorakhpur

I also want to thanks ether for providing us with such great rates and excellent customer service. SIGVTS’s guys are doing a 5 star job all around. Your service is definitely better that what we tried before

Atharva Associate

Internet Service Provider/Mumbai

We’ve been able to make delivery and fleet vehicle more efficient and heighten security on our more specialist vehicles through the use of SIGVTS’s Vehicle Tracking Service.

Mr. Yogesh B

Balaji Travels - Corporate Vehicle Supplier/Mumbai

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